Meet Lyli

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I am so glad that you found my little spot on the web.

Who am I?  I am

  • a Disciple: My heart beats for Jesus.
  • a Wife:  Go Team Dunbar!!!! 🙂
  • an Educator: I get a kick out of breaking complicated concepts down in a way that helps people understand ideas more clearly.
  • a Mentor:  Grow, learn, encourage, and pray are my favorite action verbs.  

I love God — this blog is about what I am learning as I pursue Him.

Here you will find

  • Short devotional thoughtsI don’t have much of an attention span.  Please note I used the word “short.”  I wish I could say that I read Bonhoeffer, but my mind begins to wander after page 3.
  • Life-changing truths discovered by examining the lives of courageous women : I think Jesus Chicks rock!  I love reading a good story.
  • Insights gleaned from analyzing powerful wordsI am a word nerd.  The Strong’s Concordance and I are good friends.
  • Some reflections about spiritual disciplines and my crazy lifeI wish I could say that I have it all together, but my life is kind of like an “I Love Lucy” episode.
  • Lessons learned from my every day interactions :  Every day, God teaches me something through those I rub shoulders with….  I am not always a good student.

If you want to learn a little bit more about me, I suggest you check out


I serve as the Social Media Manager for Missional Women and am honored to be a monthly Contributor at Start Marriage Right.  I have guest posted for Inspiration-Driven Life, Granola Bar Devotional and (in) courage.


Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy connecting with other bloggers.  Feel free to drop me a line @ 3dlessons4life at gmail dot com or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I look forward to chatting with you.

Me and My Man — July 4, 2009

17 responses

  1. Hi again….not sure what your name is (couldn’t find it anywhere). Nonetheless, I have enjoyed looking around your blog. Especially like the Eugene Peterson version of the Ps. 119 quote. Have you read ‘A Long Obedience in the Same Direction’ by him? I had no idea the title came from this verse.
    Your husband IS handsome and I enjoyed reading your 25 things list….sure made me smile. I look forward to keeping up more in blogland.

    Jody C.

  2. Hi Lyli,

    I’m visiting from the Ultimate Blog Party. I just love your heart and I’ll be visiting more! I think we follow each other on Twitter, I’ll be following on Facebook now so I can keep updated on your posts.


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