Lessons Learned in 3D — A New Series

I was over at Emily’s blog today, and her fun post gave me great idea for a weekly series here on my little spot on the web.  So, without further adieu, here are 10 things I learned this week in no particular order.

1.  I need to work on How to be a Low-Maintenance Friend :  Thank you to Kate for tweeting about this great post written by Tehila at Women Abiding.

2.  Music is a powerful, healing force in our lives.  Love this post by Jennifer and this word by Beth.  The five worship songs that are on my favorite playlist are

3.  Lisa Harper’s Malachi Study is a great excuse to get together with the girls on a Thursday night.  (Girl time is the best time!)

4.  I need to “Savor Life” and take notice of small moments of grace throughout my day.  (Thank you Melissa for sharing this idea in the Bloom vlog on Richard Foster’s book Prayer.)

5.  Favorite quote of the week is also from Foster’s amazing, life-changing book Prayer:

“Jesus needed frequent retreat and solitude to do His work.

Yet we somehow think we can do without what He deemed essential.”

6.  Chips and salsa shared with your hubby on a Tuesday night will make the world a better place.   (Date night is so important. I wrote a piece about “Keeping Company” with my man over hereHere is my Pinterest board with date night ideas.)

7.  A gel manicure will last 3 weeks.  (Amazing!)

8.  Apparently, March 1st is a day to celebrate.  It is National Pig Day.  I also learned that the 1st of every month is Bunny Bunny Day” or to some “Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Day.” (Thank you, Michelle for your tweet that lead me to research this phenomenon.)

8.  The most thought-provoking idea learned I heard this week was at church when Pastor Bob said: “You are invincible until the day He calls you home.”  (See Proverbs 28:1)  — My pastor is preaching through Daniel, and this week we were in the lion’s den.  Go here if you want to see the entire sermon.  It was a good word.

9.  I learned what the big, scary word “hesychastic” means.  (Thank you, Robin!  I doubt I will ever use this word, but I feel smart just thinking about using it.)

10.  I found the perfect sign that captures my theology on laundry.  Check it out here.

Q4U:  What did you learn this week?

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2 responses

  1. Thanks for visiting me at Pursuing Heart recently, and for your comment. And I am glad I came here – what a fun idea to capture some of the things you have learned and want to remember …

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