25 Random Facts

1. I am an only child.  I was the only grandchild for about 20 years.  Yes, I am spoiled.
2. I walk with a limp.  I wear a prosthesis on my right leg as a result of a birth defect. His name is Jason after the monster in the Friday the 13th movies.  Long story…
3. I currently drive a silver 2007 PT Cruiser named Petey.
4. I was single until my 40’s.  Married in 2009.  Very glad I waited for God’s timing as my husband is HOT.
5. I am American with a lot of Cuban in the mix thanks to my padres.  This means I speak “Spanglish” when I am upset and often start whining in one language and finish in the other.
6. I taught high school language arts and speech at my alma mater for 17 years.  No, I am not crazy (at least not clinically.)
7. I am addicted to Fiber One Chocolate and Oats Granola Bars.  I consider them a health food.
8. I do not drink coffee…. (Yes, I am still human, baristas.) I like chamomile tea.
9. I was born in Long Island, NY and moved to Florida when I was 5.  Mickey Mouse is my friend.
10. My favorite movie is “The Princess Bride.”  (Favorite Line:  “Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam…”)
11. I think David Crowder is a musical genius.
12. I am a night owl married to a man who wakes up at 5AM.  Thus, I am sleep deprived.  Pray for me!
13. I love to read — mostly Christian non-fiction.  Yes, I am the nerdy girl reading in the corner of the room.
14. My favorite form of exercise is swimming.  I do not like to sweat.
15. My mom is a CPA, and my dad is a process server.   Rules were a big thing at our house.
16. I never met my paternal grandparents. They died in Cuba when I was very young.  Fidel Castro takes the fall for this one.  Don’t ask my dad about it — he will talk to you for hours and hours….
17. My dad reminds me of Fred Flinstone — picture Fred as a Cuban in a guayabera.
18. I meet once a month with a book club that does not read any books....
19. I love Beth Moore Bible studies.  Amen.
20. I  think girl time is essential to my mental stability.  I love my friends.
21. I am addicted to Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea Body Splash.
22. I have kept a spiritual journal since I was in college.
23. Before I got married, I lived alone for almost 20 years.
24. I used to play the piano, but I never practiced after I started teaching, and now I don’t remember much.
25. My favorite appliance is the Hoover Floormate — but I hate doing chores.

I am a work in progress.  How about you?

17 responses

  1. Reading this list ALMOST makes up for not getting to hang out anymore since there are 1200 miles between you, Jason, and little bull. Laughed and cried my way through it. Love and miss you!

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  3. Hi there! I am disguised in that list because you taught me Language Arts in high school! I want everyone to know that you were an excellent teacher! I’m actually teaching middle school English now! Loved browsing through your blog. I’m hoping to start one in the near future….maybe you can give me some tips. ☺ Cubans rock!

  4. I am so glad to connect with you! We have so much in common – I don’t drink coffee, I teach, I HAVE an only child (who I spoil), I love Mickey, and I adore Beth Moore! how fabulous is it that God brought us together? Thanks for the blog support! Susan

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