The Free Pass

Christian Marriage

Every August, my husband gets a “free pass.”  It’s his busy season at work, so I try to give him some space.  If he wants to work himself into a frenzy until midnight for three days straight, then I let him.  I will not cry if he barely grunts at me in passing, and I attempt to find other things to keep me busy so that he doesn’t feel guilty.  (Target and Panera Bread, here I come!).

Before I got married, I had romantic expectations that my husband would snuggle with me on the couch after dinner on week nights, and that we would spend our weekends together in leisurely exploration of the city.  I pictured picnics at the park and long walks on the beach and dinner out with friends at quaint diners.

On the first Saturday we spent in our home together, my husband got out of bed at 5 AM and took a shower.  I rolled over and covered my eyes.  Hello!  It is Saturday – the day for sleeping in and lingering in your jammies all morning.  At 6 AM, he stopped by the bedroom on his way out to Walmart – he wanted to know if I needed anything.  I groaned a “no, thank you” at him.

I quickly learned that my love and I have a different pair of glasses on when it comes to time management….


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7 responses

  1. I can remember being a younger me and having difficulties with these differences. We look back now and laugh at how we both reacted. Ah, being young. I love how we have come to be comfortable with those ways in which we approach certain things differently. We complement each other. Thanks for bringing a smile and funny memories this morning. Abrazos.

  2. ahhh, real life and love don’t quite meet our early expectations —
    and yet, we can build something so much stronger and better than we ever could have imagined when we keep Jesus in the midst of it all!

  3. My husband and I totally had sleeping schedule shock when we got married! (And all those other “Wait, you live here too?” adjustments.) Though we are still very much newlyweds, i think we’re in a space to laugh about those little differences now – especially because we have an unexpected (but very welcome!) baby on the way. That has given us major perspective on our expectations.

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