The Limp

Every day, around 5:30 PM or so, I see the Fed Ex delivery truck pull up in our driveway, and I turn to prayer.  Why do you ask?  Well, my husband likes to scour E-bay looking for good deals on medical equipment — which he purchases and then re-sells to clients.  The problem is that when you buy something online, you are taking a risk.  So, every time he opens a box, I am praying, “Lord, please let the microscope be in one piece.”  Sometimes, a scope will arrive in a damaged box that got tossed around, and my husband will go into “meltdown mode” over his purchase.  He will then sulk around the house for a couple of hours.  He has purchased damaged goods.

Sometimes, this crazy life tosses us around, and we become damaged.  Can you relate?  Well, I sure can.  You see I walk with a limp.  When I enter a room, everyone notices my irregular step.  Here’s a word for all who trod through this life dragging a damaged limb behind them:

“…God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction”

(Genesis 41:52b, ESV).

Q4U:  Do you have a limp?  How has God made you fruitful in the land of your affliction?  I would love to hear your story….

My one-word focus for the year is “fruitilicious.”  Find out what that means here.

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Nobody’s Home

Sometimes God puts people and circumstances into my life to challenge me and push you me of my comfort zone.  He is knocking on the door.  Opening wide and saying yes to God means greater growth. On days like this, I wish I could hide under the covers though.  I know it’s going to be uncomfortable.  I hate uncomfortable.  Don’t you?

On Monday nights, I am part of a Sisterhood hosted by Jen.  Last week, Jen suggested that we vlog.  Seriously?  A video?  Not me.  No, sir.  No way.

But today, in my car at a red light on the way home from work, I had a God moment.  You know, those moments when God says, “Hey you, I have something to say.  Think about this.”  Yep. And, then, my Abba had a “p.s.” — psst…. you need to share it… on a video…. like the crazy girl told you to.

Really, God?  Are you serious?   Sigh.

Ok, here is the vlog.  I had to pull my husband out of the garage to film it on my iPhone before I lost my nerve.  You may notice his thumb passing through in the middle of your screen if you pay close attention (Sorry about that, we are amateurs at this vlogging business.)

“Be devoted to one another in brotherly love.

Honor one another above yourselves.”

Romans 12:10, NIV

Q4U:  Do you have pesky people in your life that are hard to love?  How do you answer the call to honor them? How do you “say yes to God”?

For 2013, my one-word focus is “Fruitilicious.”  Check out what that means here.

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