Eye on the Prize

finish line

My parents own a Pekingese puppy named Fifi.  She has captured their hearts and eats way too much food from the table.  A happy dog, her bubbly nature has added great joy to my mom in her retirement.  Fifi is spoiled to the core (I should know, I lived there before she did, and I was spoiled as well).

A while back, my man and I decided to take Fifi for a walk to stretch our legs and have a private chat far away from the attentive ears of my nosy Cuban relatives.   We grabbed her new leash and headed out to the golf course behind my mom’s house.  It was a glorious Florida day with blue skies and sunshine — a perfect day for a nice stroll.  With my man and my doggie sister in tow, I smiled and began to stride toward the center of the green.

I didn’t make it far though.  I immediately realized that we had a problem.  The dog was easily distracted.   She would take about two steps and stop to sniff at a rock.  Then, she would walk back 3 steps and dig in the dirt.  I tried coaxing her with a sweet, enthusiastic call.  I attempted to pull gently on her leash to prod her along.  I did not have much success.  After about 20 minutes, we had progressed less than 5 feet.

I thought of Fifi tonight when I read Proverbs 15 where the wise man cautioned:

“A life frittered away disgusts God;
He loves those who run straight for the finish line” (v. 9, MSG)

Fifi definitely did not have her eye on the prize.  She strayed off the course and had no sense of urgency.  I realized tonight that I am a lot like her.  I am sure that sometimes God is wondering what I am doing frittering around in a spot that He has moved on from.   I need to keep my eye on the prize.

This past week, I read a lot of stories about courageous runners who ran an unexpectedly tumultuous race in Boston.  In the marathon of life, I must show that same kind of courage and discipline.  I pray every day that God will help me to finish well.

Q4U:  How do you stay on course in the race of life?

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