My Island Hideaway

When I attended high school, one of the “creative class activities” I remember engaging in was a situational ethics exercise.  The instructor would pose tough questions, and we answered honestly and then defended our responses.  For example: “If you are on a sinking boat with only one life jacket, who would you give the jacket to if you had to choose between a 10-year-old boy, a rocket scientist, an Episcopal priest, or a stay at home mom?  Another question I remember fondly was “If you were shipwrecked on a deserted Island and could only carry three of your possessions on to land, what items would you choose?

Now that I am an adult, I must admit that on really tough days, it feels as if I am getting thrashed around by gigantic waves while I cling for dear life in a tiny dinghy with a gaping hole in it.  The water is rushing in all around me, and I am sinking down, down, down.

On difficult days that deserted island sounds like a really good idea.

I think my 3 items would be a beach chair, some sun screen, and a juicy novel.  Yeah, I would like a little island getaway.  How about you?

Yesterday, I read Psalms 32 in The Message translation, and God grabbed my attention when I hit verse 7:  “God’s my island hideaway,  keeps danger far from the shore…”  Yes!

Let me share with you in this VLOG how the Psalmist’s words have soothed my weary soul this week:


“You are my hiding place;
You will protect me from trouble
and surround me with songs of deliverance.”

Psalms 32:7, NIV

Today, I stopped by a co-worker’s office to drop off some paperwork.  As I stood waiting for him, I turned to face the door.  There over the door jamb, I discovered a beautiful framed portrait hanging on the wall.  The picture captured a beautiful sanctuary, and the caption underneath filled me with comfort:

“The will of God will never take you

where the grace of God cannot protect you.”

God is my hiding place.  His grace will cover me no matter where this life may take me.  I am resting in that promise tonight.

Q4U:  How has God delivered you?

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