A Song in the Night

Christian Friendship

Her husband was working an all-day shift with the fire department and would not be home until morning.  The baby was sick and had started vomiting.    I grabbed my purse, jumped in the car, and drove in her direction quickly as we discussed the doctor’s instructions via cell phone.   All would be well, I assured her.  I am coming.

Two hours later, the doctor at the urgent care center informed us that Samantha was dehydrated and would need to spend the night in the hospital.  I drove behind the ambulance that held my friend and her tiny treasure.  All will be well, I assured her.  I am staying with you.

Her three-month old was placed in a crib with bars that looked like a tiny prison.   In hopes of keeping Barby from unraveling, I started talking about the 80’s — campy B-rated movies, heart-throbs with mullets, and songs with memorable lyrics.  We started singing Air Supply and Pat Benatar tunes as we sat in the dark room watching the baby sleep.  We sang and laughed and cried all night.

That night in the hospital room twelve years ago cemented our friendship.

We share a mutual love of chocolate, french cafes, and Beth Moore Bible studies.   We torture each other by sharing dysfunctional family stories.  We have staked our claim to sit in comfy spots on each other’s couches.

She makes the best french toast — and shares the recipe.

She stood beside me when I married the husband she had prayed for God to send me.

She washed my hair when I was too sick to do it myself.

She has stayed with me through many a night season.


Some nights my husband goes to bed early, and I stubbornly stay up.  I sit on the couch with my laptop and eventually I drift off to oblivion.  Usually, about 2 AM I will wake up in a stupor.  I am too groggy to get up off the couch, so I sit there in the silence trying to wake up.  There in the quiet I often hear her — the bird perched in the giant tree in our side yard is keeping me company.  And, she is singing the sweetest tune.   What kind of bird sings a song in the night?

I know now that she is a friend.

All will be well, my friend.  All will be well.

A friend is always loyal,

and a brother is born to help in time of need. (Proverbs 17:17, NLT)

Q4U:  Do you have a friend who sings in the night with you?  How has Christian friendship carried you through a dark season?  I would love to hear your story.

I am passionate about the power of friendship and community and write about it often — Head on over here to read some more about the power of “girl time” and chocolate.  🙂

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Photo Credit:  Juha Soininen