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    • Beth, I love the Psalms and turn to it whenever I am going through a tough season. David’s cries to God remind me that it’s ok to lay my heart bare and be honest with my emotions before my God. He meets me right there. Praying for His comfort to fill you with peace and courage while your husband is away serving our country. Much love to you!

  1. That is a beautiful photo of the clouds. I love that verse in the MSG. To think that while we are praying that circle of protection is being set up around us is such a powerful image. Thank you for that!

  2. Hi Lyli! I am coming over from Weekend Brew.

    What a beautiful image to reflect on in prayer. The angels here to protect me and send my pleas and praise to the Lord. That is just a great thought. God is so happy to be with us, why wouldn’t he send his angels?

    Peace to you today 🙂

  3. Great imagery with this verse! It’s a great reminder that prayer is a holy time and we are surrounded by angels during our special communication with God. Thank you for this lovely verse!

  4. I truly look forward to seeing angels. A friend of mine, after we’d had a serious prayer time re: abortion, she saw angels walking by me with armor. Wow! She’s a “seer” and I’m not. I’m a “feeler”. But I love and live in the clouds. Loved your photo and your Word.

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