31 Days to Fruitful Living — Day 2


I’ve spent the day reading online about dirt.  Well, soil actually.  Apparently, you must prepare the soil if you want your tree to take root and grow.  The soil must have the right balance of nutrients and acidity so that it remains moist, but does not become overly saturated with water.

You cannot plant a fruit-bearing tree in gravel.  Stone does not retain water, and nothing will take root there.

Is the soil of my heart stony gravel?  My heart must remain porous for spiritual fruit to grow.  The water of the Word must be able to freely flow.

“The seed cast in the gravel—
this is the person who hears
and instantly responds with enthusiasm.
But there is no soil of character,
and so when the emotions wear off
and some difficulty arrives,
there is nothing to show for it.”
Matthew 13:20-21
Q4U:  How do you keep the soil of your heart from becoming stony?
Come back tomorrow for Day 3 of “31 Days to Fruitful Living.”  We will discuss the climate that is most conducive to fruitfulness.  I may have a black thumb, but I am determined to learn how to cultivate my spiritual life.
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