God Loves You

God Loves You

Last week, my husband planned a getaway for my birthday.   Growing up, my family always enjoyed long, lazy summer days at the ocean front.  I have missed days like this since we got married because my man does not like to sweat.

Out of love, he booked a hotel on the water, purchased a pair of shorts, and packed the beach chairs.  It was my birthday week, and my love wanted me to enjoy it.   He was willing to sacrifice and sit outside in the sweltering sun.

Love helps us to see service as a delight, not a duty.  My husband loves me like crazy.  For me, he will sweat.


I slept in the first morning.  The hotel had a comfy bed with fluffy pillows.  While I slowly got moving, my husband went downstairs to rent a beach umbrella.

But, we never used it.

God loves my husband.  Bruce is His favorite.  Because Abba loves my man so much, the day was cloudy and breezy.  We sat on the beach in late August in the middle of the day and did not even pull out our sunglasses.

I enjoyed the endless, mysterious ocean.  I wrote in my journal.  I listened to worship music.  I connected with my Maker and first love.  I relished in this fresh glimpse of God and refreshed my spirit.

God designed a day for both of us to enjoy.


“This is the most important fact of your life.

God loves you.

The eternal, self-existent Being who created and sustains

everything that exists dearly loves you.

The profound thought of God’s love should begin

and end your every day. 

It should define your every goal, your every action. 

And He doesn’t merely like you when you do well;

He is personally and passionately committed to your good,

even when you fail.

God loves you.

What would happen if that three-word sentence

became the theme of your life–

if you let it change everything about you and your world?

Let’s see if we can find out.”

David Jeremiah,

from God Loves You:  He Always Has — He Always Will


“…I have loved thee with an everlasting love:

therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.”

Jeremiah 31:3, KJV

Q4U:  Has God ever done something special for you to show you your “his favorite”?  How has Abba revealed His love to you personally?  Has He given you a fresh glimpse of Him recently?  I would love for you to share your story in the comments below.

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Photo Credit:  J. Stuart

28 responses

  1. I love this story, Lyli! He gave each of you what you wanted – only God can do that!

    I know it sounds silly, but I often ask God if He will stop the rain long enough for me to get out of the car and dash into church or to my work. So many many times He does just that for me! I don’t even have to put up my umbrella to get inside and then the rain starts back up once I’m safely in the building.

  2. Oh how I LOVE the beach! I meet with God there too… every time! I remember one time – it was stormy but we live in the PNW and so our beaches are just like that here! We were on a family vacation with friends and it was our last night! We wanted a bonfire on the beach, with smores and the whole thing… but the clouds were rolling in and it began to rain all around us… we prayed and kept at building the fire. I kid you not, we forgot all about the impending rain, only to look up and see blue skies above us and dry sand around us – but about ten feet out – rain in every direction! (Don’t you just LOVE being His favorite?) I am visiting from #TellHisStory!

  3. Oh how I love your three words! Beautiful post, Lyli. Thank you for sharing and linking up for Three Word Wednesday. I felt like His favorite when He made going to Guatemala possible for me. I connected with Him in a whole new way while I was there…He knew exactly what I needed.
    Blessings to you. {Hugs}

  4. I went to Disney world with my girls and the Lord showed up everywhere. I was fearful that I could not give them the best trip, since my husband did not join us. However, I could feel my Lord and Savior’s loving arms around us. We had a great time. There was not one day that was not considered amazing, great, a WOW experience, we were his favorites. I ate at Chick-fil-A for the first time and learned that the CEO is a Christian and closes his doors of business on a Sunday. While in the pool on the last day of our trip, a sky writer wrote the following messages: “God + You= smiley face. Jesus loves you. PRAISE JESUS.” Could we have gotten a more clear message, it was written in the sky for all of us to see and soak in as we relaxed and escaped the heat in the pool. Icing on the cake my girls saw Jesus at work!!! 😀

  5. YES! So I have a really busy schedule, and i like it that way because it keeps me busy and keeps me from noticing of my husbands new crazy work schedule. I usually wake up early to do my white space time with God, and then go about my schedule. Well a few days a go i found out i have a serious health condition and was put on a series of medications, and last night was my first time taking them. I felt normal, until about the time we wrapped up our Wednesday meeting at church, by the time I got home the side effects were in full swing and i felt awful, not to mention I got up at 5 am to run and do bible study before my kids woke up. Needless to say I was exhausted, and our amazing Father God knew this and this morning I slept through all of mine and my husbands alarm, i didn’t hear anything until my oldest son came and started to poke me on the face saying “wake up mommy me hungry” Lol. SO praise God, and then I felt overwhelmed realizing how behind I was on my day already, then as I got the kids breakfast, and then went for my normal bible study material, i felt that all too familiar tug on my heart, to put it all away and do the blog hop for the first time. God wanted me to rest today, and to switch it up. I will never stop being #amazed at how God will pause to show me his love, and that he is with me and in me. He has so many other things to manage but he pauses for me when I need him!

  6. God works in mysterious ways and I love the fact that he “designed a day for both of you to enjoy.” Lovely post…thank you for sharing;)

  7. I’ve never thought of being His favorite, but He does bless me personally with gifts of nature. We all see the blooms and birds differently. I also think we each view a sunrise and sunset differently, and I’ve also seen those as painting God’s created just for me to enjoy! Great post. Thank you for sharing.

  8. “He is personally and passionately committed to your good, even when you fail.” I loved this line in the poem because it is so true. Daily, God reminds me he loves dearly by simply giving me another day of life and breath to be with my family, to enjoy His creation and to accomplish his purpose in my life. Thank you for a thoughtful post. Found you at Missional Women. You were linked up before me. Please feel free to visit WJIM’s Monday’s Musings to share this post if you so choose. God bless.

  9. Hi Lyli! I am coming over from Faith Filled Fridays.

    First of all: Happy Birthday!!
    I do think that God makes sure that we all feel like we are his #1, so the question you pose is a good one. Hmmm…I remember a time when I would worry like crazy about the stupidest things. I mean, just obsess. But God always told me that things were going to be fine. They always were. I just felt so held by him.

    Have a good weekend!

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