Lord, Be Loud


Lord, be loud

This past week, one of my Hello Mornings Sisters shared an answer to prayer.  Her mom’s health had plagued her for 25 years with no accurate diagnosis or treatment plan.  Miraculously, all of that changed in one day.  Lydia shared that before the appointment with the specialist, she had prayed a short prayer:  “Lord, be loud.”

The doctor diagnosed Lydia’s mom and prescribed medication,  Within 25 minutes of taking her meds, Lydia’s mom felt significantly better for the first time in over two decades.

This 3-word prayer dropped into my heart as I read Lydia’s praise report.  That night, I lay in bed praying this prayer over my family and friends.

Lord, be loud in the ear of my loved one who doesn’t know you.

Lord, be loud in that hospital room on behalf of my brother in Christ .

Lord, be loud in my home and marriage.


“Bold prayers honor God, and God honors bold prayers.

God isn’t offended by your biggest dreams or boldest prayers.

He is offended by anything less.

If your prayers aren’t impossible to you,

they are insulting to God.”

Mark Batterson, The Circle Maker


“Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace,

that we may obtain mercy

and find grace to help in time of need.”

Hebrews 4:16, NKJV

Q4U:  Do you have a  story about how God answered your bold prayer?  Do have a “Lord, be loud” prayer rising in your heart today?  Feel free to share in the comments so that we may rejoice with you or pray over your request.

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Photo Credit:  Prangdao Nupradit

34 responses

  1. SEcond time today I have read to be bold. Think the Lord is telling me something? I love this prayer. I keep a file of prayer examples and this will be going into that file. I think God loves our short pleas more than our long drawn out supposed to be eloquent ones and what good news for your friend too. Thanks for sharing this story!

    • Don’t you love it when God repeats Himself? 🙂

      My husband and I were talking about “short pleas” last night, and I shared with him how there is a whole chapter on “simple prayers” in Richard Foster’s great book on prayer that so inspired me. One of my new favorites is “Jesus, I need your peace and protection.”

  2. Lyli, I love this! Thanks for sharing. It is a bold thing to ask the Lord to be loud – but He knows our frame and how sometimes we have to be hit over the head!

    I am asking Him to be loud in the life of my daughter – who seems so very far away from Him right now.

  3. My husband and I pray daily for our children to accept Christ. I do want Him to be loud in their lives. I must share how happy I was to visit my son and his wife recently and to discover they have made friends with a beautiful Christian couple. Oh He is so GOOD! Thank you for sharing and for linking up, Lyli. I appreciate your encouragement, support and excitement over this new link up. Much love, Beth

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. This is perfection ❤
    Thank you for always sharing such insight
    "Lord be loud"
    "Bold prayers honor God, & God honors bold prayers."
    sharing this with my family

  5. I love this–especially loved your specific listing of those of us not only who need to hear, but the truth we are in need of hearing. This will be my prayer, today: Lord, be loud!
    Great post, thanks!

  6. Hi Lyli! This is so funny, I was thinking about how a friend said to me that she wished God would hit her with a frying pan, so she wouldn’t miss what to do. I guess the ‘Lord be Loud’ is along the same lines.

    We’ve seen each other a lot on these bloghops! It’s been fun to see you!
    From Intentional Me,

  7. Lyli, I just love this. I thank you for sharing your prayers as well as they gave me thoughts of ways to pray for my family, friends, and me.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  8. Before turning back to the Lord, I lived a pretty wild life. At one point I thought I was HIV-positive (and by all medical standards I should have been). My bold prayer was “Lord, Heal Me or Remove This From Me.” My tests were negative. This simple post, Lyli, gives life.

  9. Lyli -I have read Circle Maker as well & found it to be inspiring to my prayer life. But I always can use the reminder to ask The Lord to be loud. I paused after reading your post to ask Him to be loud in my newly married son’s life. He has taken a step of faith in resigning from a part time position & trusting for God’s provision for a full time position. May God provide for them & protect them is my prayer at this time. Thank you for reminding me today! He spoke loud through your post 🙂

  10. After we had prayed and prayed and prayed for our4th baby, we found out we were expecting! My due date was March 8, but my birthday was February 15. I boldly began praying, along with loved ones who wanted to join in, that my baby girl would be born on my birthday. I wanted so badly to celebrate her birth on that special day. The morning of my birthday at 5am, (3 weeks early!)I naturally went into labor, and our sweet Emma Elizabeth was born at 9:30am on my birthday! ( a healthy 7.5 pound baby!) 🙂 What an amazing reminder to me it was that God cares about our little wishes and desires, and HE wants to give us good gifts—such as sharing a birthday with our youngest baby girl!

  11. My bold prayer that my husband be saved was answered–after 13 years of prayer. I still marvel at the way God’s timing is perfect. Lord, be loud. Yes, I like this prayer, Lyli.

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