Top 10 Quotes on A Woman’s Call to Prayer

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I am in a battle.  The enemy is out to destroy.  I wage war on my knees.

I must be vigilant and not let myself grow unguarded in the fight for my marriage.  That’s why I recently revisited a book I’d read many years ago called A Woman’s Call to Prayer:  Making Your Desire to Pray a Reality by Elizabeth George.  In 2012, the book was re-printed using the updated title The Heart of a Woman Who Prays: Drawing Near to the God Who Loves You.  Elizabeth has written tons of books, and her writing encourages me and equips me to live a more effective life for God.  I don’t know about you, but I love books that are practical and teach me how to “be a better me.”

Here are my Top 10 Quotes from the Book:

1.  “…prayer and praying give us a measure of immunity against the world.  For instance, I’ve noticed that when I get up early and make prayer a priority and take time to seek God through His Word and prayer, a fire of passion for Him is ignited, fueled, and fanned until its flame is brilliant and fiery.  My time spent answering God’s call to prayer causes everything to point upward.  My thoughts, my heart, my concerns, my focus, my desires all become more noble when time is taken to lift my heart heavenward through prayer.”  pp. 24-25

2.  “When the going gets rough, we’re not to faint, lose heart, give in, and cave in.  Instead we are to pray, to ask God in supplication, to trust Him and move forward.  It’s true that ‘he stands best who kneels most.’  And, dear heart, we can always pray in helplessness when we can’t do anything else!  That’s what supplication is.  So put this prayer-weapon to good use in your times of trouble.”  p. 58

3.  “You are to pray for others…period.  You are to pray for those you love…and for those who don’t love you.  You are to pray for those you appreciate…and for those who have disappointed you and failed in their love.  You are to pray for those who faithfully serve God…and for those who have stumbled in their walk with Him.  You are to ‘bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ’ (Galatians 6:2).”  p. 73

4.  “…realize that the means to answering God’s call to not worry is entwined with His call to pray.  Therefore, do not fail to pray… Prayer sets you free from fear and worry.”  p. 103

5.  “Give God a daily time tithe.  A spiritual mentor encouraged me to set aside  ten percent of my ‘awake’ hours to the Lord.  Doing the math reveals that such a time tithe adds up to about one-and-a-half hours per day spent in these three activities that help a woman fortify herself for each new day and its challenges:

  • Preparing — your heart for what’s ahead by reading and studying God’s Word,
  • Praying — about the specific needs in your life and day, and
  • Planning — how to best live out your God-given day.

These three daily exercises ensure that something is going in (your heart), something is going up (your prayers), and something is going on (your plan).” p.124

6.  “Wisdom applies God’s Word to everyday life — Sometimes we don’t think that a day is all that important.  Yet in reality, all we have is a day — today!  Today is all we have for doing God’s will…In other words, managing and handling today with all of its demands, quirks, and surprises in a godly and righteous and wise manner will require all of our wisdom.”  p. 144

7.  “I’ve personally discovered that praying about people problems usually results in tapping into God’s great mercy…and then my  heart is changed and I approach the matter in an entirely new way.  Surprisingly, I begin to feel empathy and compassion for those I’m praying about.”  p. 153

8.  “You will need to pray now for God’s help to say no… to yourself, to your flesh, to spontaneous invitations, to your excuses.  Pray to God to help you make it through just this one day of walking in His plan — not yours!”  p. 169

9.  “…you are to be praying all the time, to make your every breath a prayer.  As my former pastor loved to say prayer is ‘spiritual breathing.'”  p. 266

10.  “Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth.  And you, dear one, will resemble a diamond when you gather up the conditions and concerns of your life and ‘take it to the Lord in prayer.’  You will become, in a good sense, hard, tough, solid, powerful, confident, full-of-faith.” p. 272

Q4U:  What’s the best book you have read on the subject of prayer?  Do you have any advice for a sister who is trying to create a more consistent prayer life?

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12 responses

  1. Last September Elizabeth George spoke at a women’s conference in my town. She was used by God to move the hearts of many women. Her wisdom, warmth and intimacy with God touched us all. I will have to read her book on prayer, now that you’ve shared some points from it. Thanks!

  2. Some of the books that have impacted me are:

    *What Happens When Women Pray by Evelyn Christenson. She gives some very practical ideas especially when coaching or mentoring other women.

    *Touch The World Through Prayer by Wesley Duewel. He gives story after story of how prayer affects missions and missionaries.

    *Ablaze for God by Wesley Duewel. Every time I read this God uses it to kindle a fire in my heart and remind me of how prayer changes me.

    *Prayer by E.M. Bounds. This is a classic on prayer.

    *Desiring God by John Piper. In particular, the chapter on prayer!!

    *Praying God’s Word by Beth Moore. I love, love, love this book. It teaches us how to pray according to the Word of God. Too often we tend to claim things in prayer that are contrary to God’s will. Beth does a good job of teaching us how to pray.

    There are probably a dozen wonderful books out there on the subject. These are some of the ones that have moved me to my knees. We are hard hearted sometimes and find it hard to go from our standing positions to the kneeling FIRST.

    As always, when I recommend books, be discerning. We must filter everything we read through the grid of scripture and right doctrine. I’ve gained much from these folks and am thankful God brought them into my life.

    Thank you for your very thoughtful blog post. God is reminding me of many of these things again. Unfortunately, I fail miserably in the area of prayer. I’m so thankful that He is gentle with us and that it is His kindness that leads us to repentance.

    • Lily, this is an awesome list. Thanks so much for sharing. I am off to explore as a couple of these titles are new to me… The Beth Moore book is one of my favorites as it is such a great topical resource for Scripture when you need to pray about a specific area.

  3. Lyli, this area (my marriage) harbors the biggest areas of growth in my life. Learning to pray, trust, dwell, rest, commit (Psalm 37 words) in God helps. I’m beset by the same sins and God is making it clear that His power is available to let Him change me.
    Thanks for posting this.
    (And your new website looks way cool–esp. the banner. Good job!)

  4. Lyli,

    I’ve been on a 30 year pilgrimage of prayer, and oh! what a journey. I’ve seen amazing, miraculous answers to prayer and I’ve seen God answer in ways I didn’t ask for. In both cases, his sovereignty has been amazing. More than just getting things from God, when I sit at his feet, pour out my heart, and listen to his heart, I experience him in amazing ways. The sweetness of being in his presence is unbelievable and life transforming..A book that has changed my prayer life forever is by Becky Tirabassi called Let Prayer Change Your Life. I am forever changed.

    • I heard Becky speak several years ago at a Women of Faith conference session. I enjoyed her — she encouraged us all to start reading the One Year Bible by Tyndale on a daily basis, and I am indebted to her for that. It’s been life changing for me.

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