Lessons Learned in 3D — The Waiting Room

I’m in the waiting room right now.  I don’t mean a literal waiting room at the doctor’s office, but a figurative one where I am watching and praying and hoping.   Waiting is never easy.

Some of the best lessons are learned in the waiting room.  These weekly posts help me to remember what God is teaching me as I keep moving forward in faith.  As I wait, God is strengthening me for what lies ahead.

Here in no particular order are 10 things I learned this week:

1.  “When friends need you, sometimes, you have to get out of the boat, and together fight against the swirling waters of the unknown and the dark shadows lurking beneath.”  (Thank you for this reminder, Dina.)

2. Lisa at Lisa’s Notes reminded me that “I stink.” 

3.  A day of rest helps me to be more productive the rest of the week.  I love how Tsh explains this in her post over at (in) courage titled “Find Your Greek Island.”

4.   “There is a fine line between confiding and venting.”  Ashleigh from Ungrind shares much wisdom in her Guest Post for Start Marriage Right.  The title of her post, “The Fix-It Man and His Wife,” grabbed me because it could easily be the title for my memoir.  Her husband and mine sound like twins.

Side Note:  Start Marriage Right is a great web site for singles, engaged couples, and both newly wedded and veteran married folk.  I am honored to be a regular contributor.  Head on over here to check out my posts.

5.  This week Lori at And This is Grace made me long for “More time, more food, more closeness around the table.”  I loved her Guest Post over at (in) courage.

6.  Devotional quote of the week:

“Knowing His name means
understanding, declaring, proclaiming, and confessing
who God is and what He does.
It means discovering more and more
of the grandeur, the glory,
and the unshakable foundation of His character.
As we know His name, trust Him more fully,
and search for Him more diligently,
oppression and trouble lose their effectiveness.
The Lord is our shelter and refuge.
He has never abandoned anyone who has sought Him,
and He will never abandon us!”
Cheri Fuller on Psalms 9:9-10 in

7.  Tip to the Married Gals who are Twitter Chicks:  Follow Kat Lee for daily prayer prompt tweets for your husband like this one:

8.  This week, Anne at  Modern Mrs. Darcy shared 35 things she’s learned in honor of her 35th birthday (Happy Birthday, Anne!)   I must “Amen” her # 17:

“When you have no idea what to say to someone who’s hurting,
just say something,
and say it from the heart.
Saying nothing hurts more than saying the wrong thing.”

9.  I need to be more intentional about “giving back.”  I love these great ideas by Lisa at About Proximity. 

10.   Sarah reminded me that waiting is never without purpose in her post for (in) courage:

“And there is so much learning in the waiting.

We learn patience and long-suffering and tolerance when we wait.

We learn forgiveness and self-awareness

and we learn how to slow down.

When we wait it is one more example that life is

a journey to be walked through not a destination to be won.”

Q4U: What did you learn this week?

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I am joining Jesse and friends this weekend for

8 responses

  1. I don’t know if you read She Reads Truth, but one of the posts this week was about waiting. http://shereadstruth.com/2013/07/11/day4/

    This was my comment: We have done so much waiting in the last 6 years. Waiting to conceive. Waiting through three pregnancies. Waiting for my husband to find a job, to move, to sell (or not – we foreclosed). So many times I’ve asked God WHY, why can’t just ONE THING be easy? But I believe it’s so I have a story to minister to others. So if you’re waiting for something big or small … know that even the worst answer is not the end when you live as God’s child. It may feel like the be-all-end-all … but as I’ve been reminded by our reading in hebrews 11 last week, our citizenship is in heaven, not this earth. Soon, our waiting will be over.

    Just a few thoughts to chew on this Saturday morning. Thank you for linking up faithfully!

    • Jessie, I am trying to do “She Reads Truth” on my lunch hour at work. I loved this week — that post on waiting grabbed me, but the one on Friday that followed hit me even harder. Thanks for sharing your comment and part of your story — I didn’t visit the blog this week (I guess I need to!). xoxo

  2. Hello there, new friend~ You are a well of encouragement and I am so very honored that you chose to link to my little post. Thank you for just being an encouragement to me. Much love~

  3. I learned that you practice what you preach. Thank you for saying something & something from the heart. Just knowing you were there do me , even a 1,00o miles away made that day one I knew I could overcome with Gods grave and a some help from friend! Love you!

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