Lessons Learned in 3-D: 26, 53, & 92

This past weekend, my step son turned 26.  My husband turned 53, and my Abuelo turned 92.  Each of my men is at a much different stage in life.  I found myself looking back to my 20’s with a new perspective and thinking forward to my later years with curiosity.  If only I could time travel and tell 20-year-old me to worry less!  I look at my grandfather and see how hard he has worked and how well he has loved, and I pray that my life will be as meaningful as his.  He is deeply loved and respected by so many.

Time slips by quickly. (I can’t believe it’s July already!).  That is why on Fridays I try to create a list of the things God is teaching me — so that I don’t forget the important stuff.

Here in no particular order are the top ten things I learned this week:

1.  Her.meneutics picked up a post from Kay Warren’s Facebook page that touched me deeply:

“Another day, another moment of surrender.

Another day, another opportunity to choose joy.

Another day to live seriously disturbed,

dangerously surrendered

and gloriously ruined for your Kingdom.

I am yours.”

2.  There is always hope because God redeems all if we will let Him in.  I love the redemption story shared by Therese in her Guest Post over at Inspiration-Driven Life:

“Marriage has shown me that His story,

even in the deepest valleys,

is better than anything I could write for myself.”

3. Revival will never come if I don’t get on my knees and ask for it to begin with me.  If you read anything at all this week, please read this prophetic post by Beth Moore.

4.  “Love covers so much.  (Thank you for this reminder, Sarah!)

5.  “Love and prayer are mighty works indeed.”  I discovered this devotional post through a friend’s Facebook page.  Have you ever read The Daily Bread?  I used to read it every day when I was in high school — This is how I spent my quiet time in my early years as a Christ follower.

6.  I was overjoyed this week to discover Statigram (Instagram Online).

7.  Lisa at Lisa’s Notes taught me that “Mercy is Freedom’s sidekick.” 

8. In less than ten minutes, I can do something flirty and fun for my husband.  The Dating Divas provide inspiration every Friday in their “Love on the Run” posts.

9.  I am passionate about creating memories and establishing family traditions.  I loved this great idea by Julie in her post for Do Not DepartFamily Vacation Faith Journal

10.  Kristen at We are THAT Family provided another great idea for an end of school year tradition:  How to Host a Kid’s Day

Q4U: What did you learn this week?

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I am joining Jesse and friends this weekend for

10 responses

  1. I read some of these same links this week 🙂 Beth’s was definitely one of the most powerful of the week both for individuals & the corporate church. And Kay Warren’s surely would deeply touch every woman (and reminded me to make my appointment)! Thank you for sharing these links this morning!
    Have a great weekend,

  2. I know this is vague, but I’ve been touched this week by the fact that our homeland in Heaven, and Earth is just a visiting place. I’m trying to stay in that frame of mind. Thanks Hebrews 11 and Ann Voskamp for the reminders.

    • I am reading Jennie Allen’s book Anything, and she talks about this same idea. It’s been kicking around in my spirit. I almost blogged about it this week, but I couldn’t really express it. I am in a temporary home. I can’t get too attached to it.

      I love Ann. She really is a modern day prophet of sorts… she holds a mirror up to my face but with such grace.

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