My weary husband walked into the bedroom and crashed at 7:45 PM.  He had prepared his coffee this morning, but rushed off and left the dark elixir on the kitchen counter.  Apparently, he guzzled it down when he got home, but the caffeine did little to revive him after a long day.  “I’m exhausted,”  he complained at dinner.

Tonight was date night.  I made a valiant attempt to revive his spirits as we munched on our Tex-Mex meals, but he remained in “zombie mode.”  Maybe he is coming down with something, I thought.

Back at home, we discovered the cause for my man’s semi-catatonic state — his blood pressure medication sat untouched.  He’d forgotten to take his happy pill.  His whole body was sounding the alarm.

I wished him well as he slugged off to bed. “Sweet dreams.  Sleep tight.  Don’t let the bed bugs bite.”  Tomorrow will be a better day.  (I will make sure he takes his medication.)

“Do you ever have days when you are exhausted for no reason?” he’d asked me earlier.  No, I thought.  We’d discovered the reason.  Underneath you will always find a cause.

Sometimes, I find myself fighting exhaustion in my weary soul.  My day just beats the snot out of me.  Do you ever have days like those?

When I look for a cause, my mind will usually pinpoint my morning routine — I overslept.  I rushed.  I did not sit quietly with my Savior listening for His leading.  I may have guzzled down a few verses, but my spirit did not rest in His presence.

My whole being is sounding an alarm.

God’s Word is my “happy pill.”  I must ingest my daily dose in order to maintain a healthy spiritual equilibrium.  Paul explains the prescription this way:

“God wants the combination of his steady, constant calling

and warm, personal counsel in Scripture

to come to characterize us,

keeping us alert for whatever He will do next.”

Romans 15:4, MSG

Tomorrow is a new day.  I must wake up early and chew on the Word.  Lord, help me stay alert.

Q4U:  How do you fight spiritual exhaustion?

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22 responses

  1. Great post and a great question.
    Sometimes, I don’t realize it’s spiritual exhaustion, but when I finally get it, I often will go into “battle mood”. I ask my husband to lay hands and to pray over me. I pull out my Bible study journals or my devotions and go over them slowly and deliberately. I work hard to become “intentional” – I purpose myself to notice God in the daily grind of my life. And yes, I get back into the word (because almost always whenever I experience this spirital weariness, I’ve strayed from spending time in the Word).

    • I always go to Psalms and Proverbs when I am in battle mode… those two books are so rich with comfort and wisdom. How beautiful that your husband prays for you in this way. My husband and I try to pray together every morning before we head out for the day, and I know this makes a big difference.

  2. Very timely for this slug, Lyli. And I know what you mean. When I start the day with God, things seem to fall in place much more smoothly. Hope your hubby is feeling rested and better!

  3. Dear Lyli
    Oh, dear friend, suffering from Fm/CFS, I know all about exhaustion. I have learned that when I don’t even have the energy to think two straight thoughts in a row, to just draw close to our Pappa and just rest quietly in His presence. I think spiritual exhaustion can often be the result of our spirit trying to do what needs to be done, when all we have to do, is to just drink deep from the Fountain of Life!
    Blessings XX

  4. Hi Lyli! I do get exhausted at times. And the first thing to go is prayer, when it should be the last thing. Yikes! I do have that backwards.

    Great post!

    Peace in Christ,

  5. Thanks for sharing this! Every day about 4p I start to hit a wall…I’m tired and worn out, and about that time I usually get a headache to top everything off. Your post got me thinking…what if I need an afternoon dose of quiet time with God to push me through the rest of my day?

    Instead of rushing around cleaning while my son naps, I think today I will spend it in prayer!

    Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  6. “…but my spirit did not rest in His presence.” Oh, that is the cause far too often for me. I have not put “exhaustion” alongside this vital pulse of my heartbeat. I think that I am exhausted physically because I am, but I am also exhausted spiritually because my eyes did not lay hold of His Word or sit quietly with Him or get down on my knees before Him. May we take the time each day to be with Him in ways He wants, not in ways we think are best.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    • I am big on the snooze button, too — literally and figuratively. I need to learn to say no to myself more. “No, Lyli, you will not stay up. You will get more rest.” This is a big one for me. I am like the 5 year old who refuses to take a nap.

  7. “Tomorrow is a new day. I must wake up early and chew on the Word.” Yes…I need a new day right now. Tomorrow I shall wake up early and spend time in His word. Those days of exhaustion come easier when I push that morning time to the side. Good words! Hope you and your hubby have another date night soon.

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