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  1. Dear Lily
    What a great picture!! Yes, my friend, sound advice is like music to the ears to those who are not too stubborn to listen, hear and HEED!
    Much love and sweet blessings

  2. Visually, I can just see and feel it so clearly in my mind’s eye and my heart. LIghthouses are such a fine heritage all around this country and placing God’s Word right next to one makes the lighthouse more beautiful. God’s Word is strong enough all alone, but pairing it with a lighthouse is just great!!

  3. Beautiful photo & picture! I loved that this version used the word “beacon”. Really sheds a new light, no pun intended 🙂 I visited from The Sunday Community & was blessed this morning!

  4. Thanks for your patience with the link-up this weekend! It’s wonderful that you didn’t give up, so we could all click through to find this cool picture and encouraging words.

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