Lessons Learned in 3D — Memorial Stone

Hello, three-day weekend!  I am happy to see you!!!!

Memorial Day is about remembering.   I am prone to forget.  That’s part of the reason that I put together this weekly Top 10 — to keep a record of how God is working in quiet ways to shape me.  This blog is my “Memorial Stone.”

So, here in no particular order are 10 things I learned this week:

1.  Amanda at Hill and Pen gave me permission to have fun at work.  I love her post “Top Ten Ways to Laugh More at Work.” 

2.  This week, I shared how spouses need to “Get our pom poms ready.”   Lisa with Club31 Women expands on this idea in her guest post at The Time-Warp Wife.  I love her sage advice in “The Best Move You Can Make in Your Marriage.” 

3.  This week Lisa at Lisa’s Notes  and I both wrote about how God longs to sprout up some fruit in the “Dirt.”  Her post “Up By the Roots” reminded me that I need to make room for good things to grow in my heart.

4.  God forgives everything. I love how Michelle explains this to her son here.

5.  Deidra at Jumping Tandem highlights how everybody is welcome in her fabulous post “Pentecost + Abercrombie & Fitch”:

Pentecost said, “You! Yes, you!

You’re invited! Put your dancing shoes on!”

6.  I did not want to turn my TV on this week.  Some days there aren’t enough tears.   Jennifer said it best:  “We are all Oklahomans this week.” 

7.  Favorite Quote this week is this little gem I discovered on my friend Becca’s Facebook page:

Don’t you know that day dawns after night,

showers displace drought,

and spring and summer follow winter?

Then have hope!

Hope forever, for God will not fail you!

– Charles Spurgeon

8.  Prayer brings healing.  I love this prayer based on Mark 4 shared by the Presbyterian Mission Agency:

Prayer For Peace Amidst The Storm

Living God, our refuge and strength,
even the wind and sea obey Your voice.
Put the wind back in its place,
and say to the sea: Peace! Be still!
Fill us with great faith,
and save us from the surging water,
so that we may tell the Good News of Your saving love;
through Jesus Christ, our hope in the storm.

9. On Thursday nights, I meet with a group of girlfriends to study God’s Word.  This past week, we got on the subject of “dysfunctional family histories,” and the Lord brought to mind a prodigal story I’d heard years before by Jim Cymbala from The Brooklyn Tabernacle Church.  I did a little You Tube search this week and found this gem on-line.  If you are praying for a family member who needs to make peace with God, this will encourage you. (It’s a little long, but he tells an amazing story about his daughter toward the end… so stick with it. You won’t regret it!)

10.  This week Lindsee with Living Proof Ministries opened up a forum here for mentors to share advice (This is a great resource with wonderful wisdom!).  I love how she ended her post:

“The Lord doesn’t always allow us to see the fruit of our labor,

but when He does,

it’s the sweetest, most rewarding gift ever.

Your investment will be worth it, dear friend.

Do not grow weary in doing good!”

Q4U: What did you learn this week?

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I am joining Rachel, Jesse, and friends this weekend for


10 responses

  1. Thanks so much for including me here, and in such wonderful company. This week I heard a challenge to consider the difference between these two phrases: “God is ours” or “We are God’s.” Small shift. Huge difference.

    • I read her son’s post today… so good. Apparently, the brilliance runs in the family.
      I loved the wisdom you shared in your post… I need to e-mail it to my friends at work on Monday.
      Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! 🙂

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