Lessons Learned in 3D — May Showers

Rain.  Rain every day.  It has poured down every afternoon this week.  Right now, as I look out my window, I am almost certain that a tornado is on its way to carry the house off to Oz.   The house is dark in the middle of the afternoon.  If only I could click my ruby shoes together and make the sun shine!

The thing about living in Florida is that the rain never lasts for long.  The storm usually passes by, and the blue skies start peeking through the clouds.  I must admit that this Florida girl is pretty spoiled.  I have no reason to complain.

His mercies are new every morning.  I am so thankful for His grace peeking through the clouds.  Aren’t you?  He is teaching me to wait patiently for the dark to pass.

Here in no particular order are 10 things I learned this week that bring a little sunshine to my spirit:

1.  Jennifer reminded me to savor the “now” moments — right now is the sweetest day.  I should not let it slip by without enjoying it.

2.  Lisa-Jo posted a video that made me pick up the phone and call my mom to say thank you.  Check out “Mighty.”  (And then call your mom…)

3.  Alicia at “The Overflow” reminded me to “keep walking in grace.”  (I love her mama’s heart!)

4.  Rachel at “Finding Joy” shared “Ten Things to Remember on the Busy and Crazy Motherhood Days.”  I am not a mom, but I loved her list, and it helped me gain some perspective on my crazy life.  (My favorite was #6 — “Keep Your Stock in Chocolate.)

5.  Michelle DeRusha at “Graceful” is one of my favorite bloggers.  I appreciate her honesty.  This week, she shared a personal story about how she allowed social media come between her and a personal friend.  This really hit home with me.  I need to pick up the phone and get together with the girls more often.

6.  Don’t you love it when God speaks a reassuring word to you?  Last Friday, as I waited alone during my husband’s surgery, God’s word to me was “I am your peace.”  (Yes!)

7.  I read Daily Light for the Daily Path every day as part of my quiet time.   I discovered the coolest comforting verse there this week:

“The beloved of the Lord dwells in safety.
The High God surrounds him all day long,
and dwells between his shoulders.”

Deuteronomy 33:12, ESV

8.  Most convicting tweet of the week goes to Justin Davis:

9.  Helen Keller is one of my heroes.  A friend e-mailed me this rare video footage of her and Anne Sullivan this week that I found fascinating.

10.  Some people have way too much time on their hands.   Here is a video spoof of the recent Dove Commercial that went viral a couple of weeks ago.  (Too funny!)

Q4U: What did you learn this week?

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