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  1. The “waits in silence” part of the verse makes me think of the verse, “Be still, and know that I am God.” We need more silence in our world and more stillness…..to hear from God. Nice post.

  2. We have been on the same wavelength (His) this weekend. Your picture would have matched well with my post too!

    It has been wonderful reading he Sermon on the Mount every day this Lenten season, I have read it in so many different translations, often listening to audio versions instead of reading, imagining it is Jesus Himself speaking the words He DID speak

  3. Those benches will be crowded when we all join together for a quiet moment with the Lord – I see I am not alone in loving that spot – but that;s what fellowship is, right?

  4. I wonder why our society struggles against quiet and waiting when clearly it can be so very beautiful? Lovely image to capture the essence of the good parts of waiting and quietness 🙂

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