Grace in the Wilderness: “Into the Word” Week 35

Insomnia and anxiety have plagued me this month.  So on Monday, I had to laugh when I opened up my Anne Graham Lotz Bible study to discover that this week’s lesson was titled “Well Rested.”  God really does have excellent timing, doesn’t He?

Rest refuels us and allows us to be at peace in our hearts and minds.  Have you ever been bone tired and yet unable to sleep?  Have anxious thoughts troubled your soul?  This week, I have cried out daily for God to be my refuge, a shield from the attack.  As I was digging “Into the Word” , I discovered a gem — a verse that encouraged my weary heart:

“Thus says the Lord,

the people who survived the sword

found grace in the wilderness.

Israel, when I went to give them rest.”

Jeremiah 31:2, NKJV

Are you in the wilderness right now?  God longs to meet you there and give you grace.  Fear not the sword.  Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.  Your rest is coming.

Q4U: How has God met you with grace in the wilderness?

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10 responses

  1. Yes, God has met me in the wilderness, too, especially during a long period of despairing doubt in my 20s. I didn’t always sense Him near, but over time, became familiar with His comforting presence. It changed everything.

  2. Had to chuckle a bit. I’m presently walking through the same thing. Too tired, too little sleep. My goal? Trust in HIM to keep me walking, reading, doing what I’m called to do. Whether my body is working it out on a “normal” basis or not, what truly counts is Him. So, I’m trying to be patient during this tough stretch. TRYING… not always succeeding, but am Trying. [Haven’t been snoozing since I started writing this bit, so that’s a good thing!]

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