Magnification: “Into the Word” Week 28

My husband has a new toy — a magnifier.  It arrived this week via UPS, and he  was delighted to demonstrate its powers for me.  He asked me to hold it up to my eye, and then move my thumb in close visual proximity.  What I saw alarmed me.  Ew!  I didn’t realize my thumb nail was that dirty.  To the natural eye, everything looked quite different.  I quickly dropped the magnifier and ran to wash my hands.

This week as I was digging “Into the Word,” I read a story in II Kings 6 where God and Elisha magnified the vision of Elisha’s servant.  With his natural eyes, all the servant saw was an ambush and his imminent death waiting to happen as they were surrounded by a hostile army.  But, with spiritual magnified sight, he came to see a much different scene: 

 And Elisha prayed,

“Open his eyes, Lord,

so that he may see.”

Then the Lord opened the servant’s eyes,

and he looked and saw the hills full of horses

and chariots of fire all around Elisha.

18 As the enemy came down toward him,

Elisha prayed to the Lord,

“Strike this army with blindness.”

So he struck them with blindness,

as Elisha had asked.

II Kings 6: 17-18, NIV

This story has challenged my thinking.  Where does my spiritual focus lie — am I focused on the opposition, or do I rest in His care knowing that I am surrounded by the Hosts of the Lord ready to do battle for my protection?  This week, I pray that my mind’s eye magnifies and hones in on my God, the Warrior who is fighting my battles for me.  May God open my eyes — I want to see!

Q4U:  Does your vision tend to be more like Elisha’s or like the servant’s?  How can we sharpen our spiritual vision so we are magnifying the Lord? 

Every Monday we will be working our way through Anne Graham Lotz’s 52-week study “Into the Word.”    Hop on over to the 3dLessons4Life Blog Facebook Page to join us as we dig into God’s Word together.

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  1. Hey my friend! Great perspective – as always. I will pray with you – for both of us to have God’s vision.

    It’s good to be connected again. We’ve been on vacation for a while. Have an amazing week & give yourself a hug! Love,

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