The Alabaster Life: “Into the Word” Week 23

Over the last couple of months, I have been hospitalized twice.  I am learning much about daily dependence on the Lord.  I don’t want to lose this connection — this urgent need to tap into His strength, His wisdom, His direction.  This hunger for Him is a gift that I am clinging to and never want to lose. 

This week as I was digging “Into the Word,” I was reminded of how important it is to be wholly His as I re-read the story of Mary and the Alabaster Jar.   I love how Christ defends her to the naysayers:

But Jesus said, “Let her alone.

Why are you giving her a hard time?

She has just done something

wonderfully significant for me.

You will have the poor

with you every day for the rest of your lives.

Whenever you feel like it,

you can do something for them.

Not so with me.

She did what she could when she could—

she pre-anointed my body for burial.

And you can be sure

that wherever in the whole world

the Message is preached,

what she just did

is going to be talked about admiringly.

Mark 14:6-9 MSG

Mary laid her life at His feet and gave her all, in total dependence.  Jesus responded with love, compassion, and understanding.  I pray that I may continue to live an “alabaster life.” 

Q4U:  How do you combat self-sufficiency in your daily life as you strive to give your treasure to Him?

Every Monday we will be working our way through Anne Graham Lotz’s 52-week study “Into the Word.”    Hop on over to the 3dLessons4Life Blog Facebook Page to join us as we dig into God’s Word together.

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