Life Saver: “Into the Word” Week 20

A couple of days after my surgery, the Gospel-singing LPN returned.   Her theme on this day was Psalm 121.  I thanked her for her musical ministry as tears welled up in my eyes.  God had once again sent her to sing exactly what I needed to hear:  “My Help comes from the Lord.”

Since that day, the image of God as my Help keeps popping up off the pages of my Bible — comforting me, assuring me, surrounding me with the reminder that God is my Life Saver.  This week, as I was digging “Into the Word,” I discovered Hebrews 13:6:

Therefore, we may boldly say:

The Lord is my Helper;

I will not be afraid.

What can man do to me?

The word “help” in  the original Greek implies “bringing aid at the right time to meet an urgent, real need.”  I need not worry because God, my Help is present and able to meet any need that may arise.  What urgent need are you facing this week?  Let me assure you, God is your Life Saver.  Hang on to Him.

Q4U:  How has God been a “Helper” to you?

Every Monday we will be working our way through Anne Graham Lotz’s 52-week study “Into the Word.”    Hop on over to the 3dLessons4Life Blog Facebook Page to join us as we dig into God’s Word together.

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  1. God always seems to surprise me by showing up just when I need Him the most. What a wonderful God we have. Thank you for your witness in these words. coming over from On your heart Tuesday.

  2. Oh I love Psalm 121–it would be in the top of five of my loved Psalms!! What a blessing to have the Gospel Singing Nurse with the Word for the day!! (Thanks for the hug and know there is a hug coming your way as well.)

  3. I was singing this song on my walk this morning! Really, there is nothing that I do (well) without him. He is more than my help. He is my life-giver!

  4. I was just exploring the verses in John this morning, when Jesus promised to leave us the Holy Spirit — the Counselor and Helper. So grateful that He does not leave us as orphans … but sends His Spirit so we can function and thrive during our days here on Earth.

  5. I like the verse -” God is our refuge and strength, a very PRESENT HELP.” right there, all the time, I just need to turn to Him. Thanks for sharing!

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