Character Analysis: Mary and Elizabeth

   Women who defy the odds capture my attention.  Despite  overwhelming circumstances working against them, some women flourish — flowers growing out of cement.  Their stories serve as inspiration for others to stay resilient during a dark season.   So, from time to time here on the blog, we will be spotlighting the lives of  Biblical women who were faith-filled.

Recently, in Luke Chapter 1, I discovered a precious gem of courage.  Elizabeth devoted herself to her husband, Zechariah, but she had no children of her own.  Her joyful resilience in the midst of barrenness did not go unnoticed by her God.  One day, when she had passed the point of hope, God took notice and acted.  He gave her a dual role — mom and mentor to Mary.

Our identity is not set in stone or based on our present circumstances — I love how Luke 1:36  captures this truth when the angel tells Mary: “… Elizabeth has become pregnant in her old age!  People used to say she was barren, but now she is in her sixth month” (NLT).    God used Elizabeth to encourage Mary that “nothing is impossible” for God to accomplish (v. 37).  God chose an unwed mother and an elderly, barren woman — He did the miraculous in the lives of two obedient servants full of godly character:

  • Elizabeth was obedient (v.6),  prayerful (v. 13), discreet (v. 24), worshipful (v.25), yielded to the Spirit (v. 41), humble (v. 43), joyful (v. 44), hospitable (v. 56), and steadfast (v. 60).
  •  Mary was a humble servant (v. 38), yielded (v. 45), praise filled (v. 46), joyful (v. 47), God-fearing (v.50), and discerning (v. 51).

Two women, yielded to their God, helped shape history by walking forward in obedience. Their stories live on as a daily reminder of God’s faithfulness to us.   Verse 58 shares that when Elizabeth’s “neighbors and relatives heard that the Lord had been merciful to her, everyone rejoiced with her.”  So, how has God changed your life?  What did people “used to say” about you that NOW God has spoken into and brought life?  Share below in the comment section so that others can rejoice.

Be blessed.  For with God, absolutely nothing is impossible.

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  1. I do believe all those adjectives describe the author of this blog, as well. Just sayin’…. 🙂

    My baby girl is living proof that God has a perfect plan for each of our lives, that when He says, “No,” it’s because He has something even more amazing in store for us. He is good!!

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